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Diversity and Inclusion

Westchester Medical Center Diversity and Inclusion Commitment

We provide the best care when we understand how our patients’ experience and values inform their views, and how they expect and deserve to receive treatment.  In our day-to-day operations, we are shaping a patient-centered and family-supported environment that lets our patients, families, and employees know that they are understood, respected and supported at Westchester Medical Center.

Definition of Diversity and Inclusion

We define diversity as the unique differences and similarities that our workforce, patients, families, physicians, volunteers and communities bring to our environment.  We believe that diversity encompasses much more than race and gender.  It is a variety of characteristics, visible and not, that distinguish one individual from another.  These characteristics include but are not limited to age, culture, religious beliefs, personal values, sexual orientation, gender, race, physical abilities, education, profession, service or trade. 

Inclusion is defined as the active engagement of all members of our community in which their unique differences and similarities are considered, understood and leveraged for best clinical outcomes and best workplace experience.  We believe that Westchester Medical Center is enriched by the diversity of our workforce and those in our care.